Sam ★ Jones (crazymansam) wrote,
Sam ★ Jones

We shall fight them on the beaches We shall fight them on the shore They will bring us exploitation We'll bring them their class war We'll lock down to the gates As they're spreading vicious lies They want to dominate the world And we see through their disguise If they'd have one big multinational With their corporate flag unfurled Searching everywhere For the lowest wages in the world Then we'll have One Big Union From Melbourne to Prague to Seattle-town Wherever they may go We will shut them down We'll shut them down, we'll shut them down We will shut them down And CNN will spread the lies This is just how it's gotta be Well they can have their CNN 'Cause we got our IMC And we will tell the truth quite clearly Though they don't want to hear it And they'll try to stop our broadcasts 'Cause the truth is that they fear it They want a world full of strip malls Plants grown by biotech As long as they get richer They just don't give a heck But we don't want their ecocide We want a world we can live in That's why we're here to stay And we're not gonna give in And they'll infiltrate us Provocateurs within our ranks And if they can't divide us They'll send in the tanks But we will stand together Pacifists and Zapatistas Workers, farmers, the indigenous Tree-huggers and baristas And we will build a new world Without the corporate elite And we will see the day Of their international defeat We'll have self-determination And equality for all For what choice do we really have But to rise up and see them fall
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